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Do you want to get well and stay well?Are you looking for someone who can provide service to your whole family?

Vibrant Life Natural Therapies offers homeopathic consultations either face to face or online.

As a homeopath and educational kinesiologist Anne can assist your family in both health and learning:

If you are experiencing women’s health issues
Homeopathy can provide relief

Do you or another family member have allergies or gut problems?
Homeopathy can help.

Would you like to learn how to use homeopathy at home for common ailments?
Anne can teach you.

About Me

I have been practicing homeopathy and kinesiology professionally since 2006. Prior to 2006 I was busy running a household with 3 children, studying and volunteering in the community as a Breastfeeding Counsellor for the Australian Breastfeeding Association. My years of experience as a wife, mother, teacher and breastfeeding counsellor gave me the insight to understand the needs of growing families and the difficulties parents encounter in trying to keep their children healthy and happy at home and at school. I have always had a strong interest in healthy eating and nutrition and am well experienced in the stresses involved in parenting children with allergies.

My aim as a natural health practitioner is to provide a personalised service to families.

I aim to:

  • provide you with quality cost effective healthcare through homeopathy
  • educate clients so that they can feel confident using homeopathic remedies at home for their families’ acute illnesses
  • provide nutritional guidance for traditional wholefood diets 

What You Will Experience at Vibrantlife Natural Therapies


I practice homeopathy using a wonderful innovation known as homeopathic facial analysis (HFA).  HFA has brought homeopathy into the 21st century while upholding the traditional teachings of it’s founder Samuel Hahnemann

Homoopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) is a diagnostic technique where an individual's facial features are examined (using digital photography) to help determine the best choice of homoeopathic remedy. The face is used because the type of internal energy we have is reflected in our external appearance, particularly the face. The internal energy, also known as the survival instinct is responsible for immunity, nervous reactions, emotions and our physical structure (especially the face!)

When this pattern of internal energy is taken into consideration in prescribing a homoeopathic remedy, the healing which results is deep, long lasting and strengthens our whole system to be able to increasingly withstand the effects of stress which occur in our daily lives.

The result of a homoeopathic facial analysis is that each person can be determined to belong to one of seven different colour groups. Each of these colours has different needs and uses different strategies for survival in daily life. A homoeopathic remedy chosen from your correct colour group will assist in balancing the survival instinct so that you can function on an effective, calm and positive level rather than a stressful, anxious and unbalanced perspective. When our whole system is in balance then we can achieve optimal long term health.

(Further information about the colour groups can be found at

But what IS homeopathy you ask?

Put very simply it is an energy medicine that stimulates your body’s innate healing. When the remedy stimulates your body’s healing the response is often very quick and gentle. Symptoms which once plagued you daily disappear as you begin to enjoy life again. The aim of homeopathy is to restore balance to the mind and body without the need for ongoing medication.

Homeopathy is often confused with naturopathy and many think that they will receive the same type of treatment from a naturopath as a homoeopath. Naturopaths often use homeopathic remedies as part of an overall supplement program but may not have undergone more extensive training to prescribe what is known as a constitutional homeopathic remedy.  A constitutional homeopathic remedy will provide the mind and body with the resources to return to a balanced state of health in a gentle and natural way.  A naturopathic consultation will involve the prescription of a range of supplements or herbs, whereas a homeopathic consultation will most often result in a single medicine as the initial treatment.  Some nutritional supplements may be prescribed for ongoing maintenance once it is clear that the homeopathic remedy that has been chosen for a person is well suited and having a beneficial and therapeutic effect.  A well suited homeopathic remedy is chosen according to the individual's presenting symptoms taking into account any emotional traumas or stresses that have been part of a person's life.  A formal disease diagnosis is not necessary as homeopaths treat the whole person not just the disease.

If you are wondering whether homeopathy can help you please phone or email me with your questions. Better still book an appointment as if you are experiencing “dis-ease” then you need homeopathy to give you back your wellness. Call or message me now on 0412 907 776.

Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy; Licensed International Educational Kinesiology Consultant; Diploma of Technical Teaching.

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